Question And Answers About The Book

"You Got To Do What You Got To Do"

My Experience As A Caregiver
Taking Care Of My Parents For Over Twenty Years

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Questions And Answers

What makes your book different from the many others that are available?

My book is different because I not only detail the time I was caring for my parents, I also write about the aftermath. My life was changed forever caring for my parents and after they passed away it was in shambles. I detail the problems that I faced and in some instances still are occurring as I try to put my life back together.

Why should I purchase your book?

When you think about becoming a caregiver of a parent you should get as much information so you can make an informed decision. Unfortunately when the time comes you have to make this important decision in a few hours or days. This can cause you not to see the entire scope of the responsibility of this decision.

This book gives you a preview of the challenges you might face if you decide to care for your parents. If you have aging parents this decision can come at anytime and it is never too early to start thinking about your parents future care.

There is a lot of repetition in the book, why?

I wrote the book in sections and each one tells a story. When you read the individual sections you get the complete story of the situation. When you put them all together, it will cause some repetition in the subject matter, but it also stresses the importance of certain situations, events and procedures.

The book contains a lot of punctuation errors and grammar mistakes, why?

I admit that I am not a writer. I was horrible in school with English, grammar and writing. This book is self written, proofed and published. I used spell and grammar check software to proof and make corrections where needed. As in life nothing is perfect and neither is this book. I wish this book was in the proper format, grammatically correct, have no punctuation mistakes and be perfectly spaced. Unfortunately I did not have access to a proofing desk or department. I wrote this book in my own words detailing my situation in taking care of my parents and it is me with all my flaws and mistakes. It is real life, not perfect as we all hope.

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