Comments About The Book

"You Got To Do What You Got To Do"

My Experience As A Caregiver
Taking Care Of My Parents For Over Twenty Years

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Below Are Comments From The Paperback Version

It's a big book with a lot of information on a difficult subject.
Jessica G., Los Angeles, CA

Interesting topic and information. I like the large print, easier on the eyes.
Mark D., San Diego, CA

Written in simple language so it's easy to understand the process.
Susan A., Long Beach, CA

An informative and emotional story but as a retired teacher I needed my red pen.
Don B., Los Angeles, CA

Interesting story on a topic many have to think about.
Matt O., Pico Rivera, CA

The author details the enormous amount of work taking care of elderly parents.
Patti B., Downey, CA

Reminds me of my own situation years ago.
Michelle H., Long Beach, CA

It's a large book so I only read the chapters that interest me.
Steve G., Anaheim, CA

If you want to take care of your parents, this book explains how it can affect your life.
Charles A., Chino, CA

Over 500 pages of information about caring for your elderly parents.
Mary C., Brea, CA

He's not an expert or medical professional, just a son that took care of his mom and dad.
George T., Tehachapi, CA

An incredible story that makes you think about your life.
Jason A., Salt Lake City, UT

Not a topic most of us think about until it happens.
Roberta C., Las Vegas, NV

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